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Read Post loving the post-summer-season beach. dogs and surfers only… the way it should be (repost from my personal account @giftable) (at Jenness Beach State Park)
Read Post mesmerized by the sunset (at Jenness Beach State Park)
Read Post went hunting for aurora but got stuck with this beautiful rocky beach view instead #itsahardlife (at Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME)
Read Post wow, thanks for the repost @barkbuddy and hello to our new followers! I’ll be sure to post lots more of aDERPable mila and vera here! 
Read Post would just like to thank @barkbuddy for helping us find our new best friend. we just happened to flip past karma (now vera)… from an abandoned litter of husky/hound puppies down in florida. we’ve had her for about a month now and the little derp has obviously stolen our hearts. (at Portsmouth, New Hampshire)
Read Post last night’s sunset #nhispretty (at South Mill Pond)
Read Post new hampshire’s answer to 24-hour convenience stores 😉  (at Dover Point, NH)
Read Post double rainbow in portsmouth, nh tonight (at The Coat of Arms Pub)
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Read Post ikea stepped up their food game
Read Post come to my mouth.
Read Post back in asheville… always love the architecture downtown.