Read Post new hampshire’s answer to 24-hour convenience stores 😉  (at Dover Point, NH)
Read Post double rainbow in portsmouth, nh tonight (at The Coat of Arms Pub)
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Read Post ikea stepped up their food game
Read Post come to my mouth.
Read Post back in asheville… always love the architecture downtown.
Read Post love a good bellhop.
Read Post always love a relaxing stop in greenville
Read Post more from the #misesinstitute. rothbard’s extensive personal library on display.
Read Post just passed 72 hours of drive time on this road trip. #arewethereyet?

[[mpg is totally inaccurate. we aren’t guzzling quite that much]]
Read Post sometimes getting work done on the road sucks. not days like this. garden at the mises institute.
Read Post at an izakaya (japanese tavern) in the french quarter… listening to a jazz band made up of a stand-up bass, a banjo, and an adorable japanese girl on trombone and vocals. watching a kurosawa film on the wall. eating chirashi. life is weird and awesome.
Read Post we’re comin for ya, new hampshire! finally our compass reads “north”
Read Post we got kicked off this #bourbonstreet #balcony because the #drunk girl next to us (promise!) yelled “show us your #boobies!” and hit a cop right in the back of the head with a set of #beads #differentkindofcopblock
Read Post fact: signs are objectively always cooler in neon