Read Post the best part of valentines day is other people’s leftovers
Read Post I’ve never seen #southoftheborder with snow before! (at South of the Border)
Read Post over an inch of pure ice collected on our *moving* car. never seen anything like it.  (at South of the Border)
Read Post came across this cool retro gas-station-turned-tire-pile while cleaning the ice off the car  (at South Carolina)
Read Post meanwhile, in yesterday’s ice storm… (at South Carolina)
Read Post yesterday’s office. seems like another universe compared to today’s ice storm! (at Crucial Coffee Cafe)
Read Post there is beauty hidden in the most bizarre places. found the fog lifting and sun rising over this vacant lot next to our (literal) roach motel this morning. #nofilter
Read Post the closest I’ll ever come to posting a starbucks cup. this road trip brought to you by iced triple shot skim lattes. #drinklocal (at Waterways Shoppes)
Read Post mila’s first walk on a warm beach
Read Post can’t complain…
Read Post just a giant pirate ship… nbd.  (at El Galeon)
Read Post amazing architecture in st. augustine (at Cathedral Basilica Of St. Augustine)
Read Post very dignified mila at falls park
Read Post falls park, greenville  (at Falls Park On The Reedy)
Read Post mini woodfin street (at Asheville, NC)